Importance of Financial Adviser in the current scenario

We pay attention at each and every financial matter which means we help corporates in knowing the sources/causes of their financial problems and work out solutions/strategies to come out from those problems in a particular time frame.

Below can be the key financial issues-

  • Topline is growing year on year but credit rating is same
  • Short term funds are used for long term purposes and hence created cash flow mismatch
  • Funds availed at higher rate of interest stretched profitability margins
  • Funds with high collateral cover left no scope for further enhancement without additional collateral
  • Limits not fully disbursed by the bank due to any reason
  • Debtors are stuck and hence impacting the drawing power and current ratio
  • Work orders are for higher amount and longer tenure- concentration and performance risk
  • High debtor and inventory level- long working capital cycle – low current ratio

 The above issues are illustrative. We help clients in identifying such and many other issues with possible a wayout to resolve those issues.

In the long run, such issues can push the client into liquidity stress/bankruptcy and therefore, one has to properly plan and address by paying more attention and action. We as a financial adviser can be helpful in planning and strategising for long term.

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