Virtual RM (Banking and Finance)


Are you facing any challenge during renewal/enhancement of working capital facilities with banks under multiple/consortium arrangement?

Banks raise several queries/concerns on your financial performance, non achievement of projections, non compliance of sanction terms, credit rating downgrade, account conduct or inadequate collateral cover etc.

These concerns are very common and eventually, delay the entire sanctioning process. You may have also faced challenges during regular banking transactions like urgent LC/BG issuance, limits availability in banks system etc. due to various sanction terms/internal policies of the banks.

To overcome such queries/issues/concerns, we provide Virtual RM services where a qualified CA/MBA with relevant working experience or an ex-Banker coordinates with your banks under multiple/consortium arrangement and handles all issues pertaining to sanctions, disbursements, renewals and compliances throughout the year.


We are a Delhi based financial advisory firm. We have a combined experience of handling more than 600 sanctions and renewal assignments  in last 12 years. We deal with almost every public/private sector bank and more than 50 NBFCs. We can provide you best sanction facilities in the market.


Benefits of Virtual RM:

  • He is a qualified banking professional and having a vast experience of dealing with all banks and FIs.
  • His job is to expedite the renewals, security creation, documentation and disbursement with banks
  • He understands the queries and concerns raised by bankers during renewal/enhancement, simplifies them and resolves them.
  • He negotiates with each of your bankers for rate of interest, limit amount and favorable terms and conditions
  • He coordinates with banks under consortium and lead bank during credit appraisals and consortium meetings
  • He prepares credit proposal note, assesses your limits requirement with broad CMA classification and detailed analysis of financial parameters
  • He prepares a compliance dashboard which will help you in monitoring the sanction terms/covenants throughout the year
  • He helps in upgrading the credit rating and financial profile
  • He monitors your quarterly financial performance, liquidity and leverage position. This is very important for maintaining the solvency of your business.
  • He arranges funds from banks at best rate of interest within 30-45 days without additional fee/cost

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