Working Capital


Requirements of Working Capital

Any business entity, be it big or small does require a fair amount of working capital to meet the requirement of funds for running its business. Working capital requirement can be in the form of fund based or non fund facilities.

Typically, the requirements of working capital in any business depend upon the operating cycle of the business. Generally, it is a positive gap between current assets and current liabilities, however, there could be a possibility of negative gap in case, operating cycle is long or fixed assets base is large. In such case, we advise you to take corporate loan or WCTL for the matching tenure.

Products available under Working Capital Finance

FinGo carefully analyzes the operating cycle, financial growth parameters, operating cashflows, liquidity position, etc. and assess the exact requirement of working capital under different products which are followings:

  • Cash Credit, WCDL, WCTL, Corporate Loan, FCNR loan and Overdraft facility to meet the fund based requirements
  • Sales Bills Discounting, Receivable Discounting, LCBD or any other product of similar nature
  • Packing credit, Buyers Credit, SBLC, Derivative facility and Letter of Credit to match funds for foreign currency sale or purchase
  • Bank Guarantees required for performance, bid bond and retention money  as per work contracts
  • Any other facility as per business requirement

After assessment, we prepare the complete proposal with proposed security structre and submit the same in Banks for their review. Any queries or suggestions on the proposal can be discussed and replied.

Team of experts to help you in arranging Working Capital

FinGo has a team of ex-Bankers who has extensively handled the credit, documentation and disbursement of working capital proposals of large banks. We can help you during proposal writing, appraisal and assessment, query handling, freezing terms and conditions of sanction including security structure, choosing right facility and amount as per the business requirement, execution and completion of documentation, compliances and processing of renewals as become due.

FinGo gives you end to end support in handling working capital lenders under multiple or consortium banking arrangements.  

FinGo can help you in arranging working capital facilities through a number of private/ public sector banks, NBFCs and big financial institutions.

For any working capital funding requirements, please feel free to write us at

We were facing issues in managing our liquidity and financial committments. Fingo is helping us in managing our banks, helping us in getting more funds and managing our cash flows. They focus on cash flow management, financial planning and debt management.
Tarun Garg- CFO

I personally know Bharat from last 7-8 years. The best quality in him, he is always responsive and proactive, give you right solution on time and help you with proper strategy to come out from any financial stress. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors. 
Ajay Singhal - Chief Financial Officer

Fingo provides a perfect advice and guidance as per our requirement regarding debt and capital. Team has strong knowledge of current banking system and their analysis regarding different options for debt is upto the mark.  They advise time to time regarding liquidity and cash flow management which help us to grow our business in proper way.
Sanjeev Sharma - Director

We have working capital limits with more than 5 banks. We were facing bandwidth issue in managing sanctions/renewals throughout the year. Fingo is now helping us to get sanctions/renewals on time as they are now dealing with all banks on our behalf. My borrowing costs have come down and I am utilising my time on my business.
Amit Puri- CEO