Project Finance


Who need Project Finance?

Project Finance is basically used to fund large scale projects (i.e. refineries, power plants, BOT, highways, hotel, hospital, real estate, etc) for long term period. We do complete project assessment, TEV study, explore and innovate different cost structures for funding, plan a proper route of financing whether it could be rupee term loan, ECB, FCNR loan, etc.

Given the complex nature, project financing requires in-depth understanding of the project financial, operations and cashflows, ideal leverage position, repayments period including moratorium and ballooning, waterfall mechanism, financial covenants, etc.

FinGo works closely with its clients and their banks for project finance starting from origination to closure. Our expertise in understanding the each and every minute details and terms of project funding enables the timely financial closure for the client.

How do we process Project Finance?

Project Finance is different from other financing methods. Banks appraise the project future cash flows(primary source of repayment) as well as they seek comfort from existing businesses which could provide corporate guarantee.

When you send your proposal for our review, these are the basic questions we will immediately seek answers to:   

  1. Is the project doable?  Is there a feasibility study showing the financial viability of the project?   
  2. Are the project owners qualified to make it successful and ultimately do what they claim they can do? What is their previous experience in such kind of projects?
  3. Are the assumptions used in the projections, particularly the basis for revenue projections, profitability, DSCR, are realistic or not? How do they compare with industry standards?
  4. Have all aspects (i.e. legal, regulatory, environmental) and risks associated with the project been properly addressed?  
  5. In the case of a real estate development project, does it meet regulatory requirements like zoning and environmental regulations?
  6. How much sensitivity analysis has been done? What are the expected challenges during and after implementation of project?

So, whether you have a commercial project, joint venture, green field or brown field project and need funds for project funding, let us review your proposal and tell you how we can secure the financing structure which you will need to realize your vision. 

Project Loan Syndication for big ticket loans

We undertake loan syndication assignments for projects/expansion, as bigger projects always require banks to undertake their loan syndication. It is an arrangement between two or more banks/Financial Institutions to provide the borrower a credit facility using common loan documentation.

Project Finance for all industries

FinGo can assist you with Project Finance in a broad range of industries including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Real Estate (all types)
  • Renewable and non renewable energy
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Capacity expansion, green field, equipment financing
  • Road, Highway, water, sanitation, sewerage treatment plant
  • School, Hospital, commercial complex
  • Manufacturing, telecom, consumer goods

After you have contacted us and also sent information about your project, we will schedule a meeting to learn more about your project, answer any questions you may have, and discuss next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact us or send us an email to

We were facing issues in managing our liquidity and financial committments. Fingo is helping us in managing our banks, helping us in getting more funds and managing our cash flows. They focus on cash flow management, financial planning and debt management.
Tarun Garg- CFO

I personally know Bharat from last 7-8 years. The best quality in him, he is always responsive and proactive, give you right solution on time and help you with proper strategy to come out from any financial stress. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors. 
Ajay Singhal - Chief Financial Officer

Fingo provides a perfect advice and guidance as per our requirement regarding debt and capital. Team has strong knowledge of current banking system and their analysis regarding different options for debt is upto the mark.  They advise time to time regarding liquidity and cash flow management which help us to grow our business in proper way.
Sanjeev Sharma - Director

We have working capital limits with more than 5 banks. We were facing bandwidth issue in managing sanctions/renewals throughout the year. Fingo is now helping us to get sanctions/renewals on time as they are now dealing with all banks on our behalf. My borrowing costs have come down and I am utilising my time on my business.
Amit Puri- CEO